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More Testimonials 

-Roland Suttie, Executive Consultant Quattro Life-


I went for coaching 12 years ago with great success and impact, so I had concerns that it might be just more of the same with Burgette. I had also elicited the services of psychologists before. I have paid a lot of money without real results or coming out with real tools to help me when needed, so yes, I had my doubts. However, I am so grateful that the universe allowed out paths to cross. I have learned so much. Burgette, your way of coaching is different, it's empowering, it comes from love, respect and passion and a path that you have walked yourself and that spills out everywhere and is amazing.

I recommend everyone, the good the bad and the ugly to come and meet with you. The good will get better, the bad will get good and the ugly will realise how beautiful they are. It is a process/journey that teaches that our children should have too so that they have less to deal with as adults. 

This process releases. Feelings of anger, guilt, fear are now understood and contextualised giving a feeling of control and clarity rather than being held back. It has allowed me to "fix" myself and thus I am automatically attracting the good things in life and pushing away the negative. My behavioural flexibility allows me the ability to find solutions and opportunity rather than fight.

The investment of coaching doesn't even warrant the price as the outcome and learnings are just immeasurable to price. I’d write more but am running out of space. keep this up Burgs, you're changing lives!!

-Trusha Kantilal, Single Working Mom -



Doing NLP process with Burgs and having both my kids do it as well, has given us the tools to create a fulfilling life, healing past traumas and setbacks and strengthening new positive beliefs.  It has allowed me to tap into my already existing potential and re-define my goals to create the outcomes that I want for myself.  I love that it is so holistic and gentle, yet the most powerful and effective a therapy.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to outgrow old habits and creating newer, fresher and everlasting positive ones. I've tried the clinical psychologist route having no progress but rather having more frustration. This program definitely did it for me!! It befitted my family as a whole, we are more aware of our words, behaviour, responses and I have found that this process has allowed me to come to the very place that I've been wanting for all this time; a place of certainty, confidence, happiness and all things wonderful, thanks to my most amazing coach!!


Thank you, dear Burgs.

-Dilan, 15 year old Scholar-


This course has helped me in so many ways that is has changed all my negatives into positives. It has been a defining point that has changed my life for the better, in all aspects. This course has brought me to my goals and brought clarity and changed my lifestyle in the best way forward in its wake. I walk away a better person equipped with everything that I need to live my life to its fullest. I would encourage everyone to do this course. In this world people often experience things which they don't know how to deal with or react and so they suffer a bit every day. If the whole world or many people carry this, it prevents them from living life to its fullest which can cause confusion, arguments, and a general population who is unhappy. After doing this course, one releases everything holding them back and can truly be the person that they are deep inside or the person that they want to be.

The world be a happier and brighter place if everybody could do this course.

-Riya, 19 years old College Student


A few months ago, I was battling through life with depression and anxiety, with my only coping mechanism being to seclude myself from the outside world. This had been a struggle for four years and upon finally seeking the help of an anti-depressant and my family as a support structure, I realised that some sort of therapy was crucial to healing fully and becoming the best possible version of me.

My mum introduced me to the brilliant and bubbly Burgette Yarlett, who, through the process if NLP, assisted me in making my own personal breakthrough which lead me to feeling liberate, confident and rejuvenated again. This course has helped me to believe that we are all responsible for the life we live and the way we view the world, and that our model can be changed at any time with the power of free-will. I now feel empowered to strive to be the best possible authentic version of myself with conviction and certainty.

I encourage anyone and everyone to attend coaching with Burgs, at least once. This course has not only met but exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much Burgs!

-Anneme Coetzee, CEO, Executive NLP Coach and Trainer-


Burgette has an amazing amount of love and passion for life which makes her an excellent coach. She has the great combination of gentle patience and subtle persistence in getting her clients to push through their obstacles and find the answers within themselves that lead to creating great change for themselves.


Her attention is always on her client’s well-being and making sure that she delivers her best in order to support her clients. She holds herself equally as accountable as she does her clients and that I believe is a quality of an exceptional coach. 

Lots of love and success to you my precious xx


-Shireen, Entrepeneur-


I am overwhelmed by the personal breakthrough experience I had through NLP.

Today I have a far more positive outlook on life because of the inner healing and positive beliefs I learnt through my sessions

with Burgette.

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